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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Periodontal Sectioning

Ever heard of the common saying “as fun as pulling teeth?” That’s why Drs. Lelchuk, Ressler, and Hirschl provide Periodontal Sectioning services for our clients in the Miami area. It is a quicker and easier extraction process. The tooth is broken into multiple pieces then removed from your mouth. It creates a minimally painful and shorter recovery time. Learn more at our offices in North Miami Beach and Miami Beach.


Three situations require sectioning: wisdom teeth, multi-faceted or unique teeth, and pediatric extraction. Each of these procedures provides a better experience for both the patient and your Miami dentist. Wisdom teeth extraction is the most common sectioning procedure. They are the last set of molars to come in and are also the biggest. This naturally makes it harder to remove. Sectioning them is the only way. Uniquely rooted teeth are much sturdier than others. Their roots are deeper or more intricate. Sectioning addresses these problems. Lastly, a child is much more apprehensive of a tooth removal than an adult. Sectioning requires a lot less force. It also leaves a much smaller wound. This greatly reduces the recovery time and risk of infection. These benefits are great for everyone, especially children.


The procedure starts with a local or general anesthetic being applied. This minimizes your pain and discomfort. Once the area is numb, your Miami dentist begins the procedure. The pulp is cut and the tooth sectioned into pieces. Throughout the procedure, water flushes out any debris or tooth fragments.


Follow your provided post-operative instructions afterward. Doing so keeps any stitches from loosening. Eat softer foods at first. Avoid hot foods for as long as necessary. Do not engage in any physical activity. Contact your dentist with any questions.


Drs. Lelchuk, Ressler, and Hirschl are located in both North Miami Beach and Miami Beach. You can schedule an appointment through our website or by calling. To reach the Intracoastal Mall office, call 305-949-2630. For the Mount Sinai Medical Center, contact 305-532-1444.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Flossing with Braces

Flossing is another task made difficult by braces. As if having braces wasn’t hard enough already! The truth is that flossing with braces doesn’t have to be challenging. There are a handful of techniques and applicators that make it easier. Drs. Lelchuk, Hirschl, and Ressler recommend these to all our orthodontic patients. Learn more by contacting our offices in North Miami Beach and Miami Beach.


Daily flossing is essential when you have braces. Your braces create a variety of spaces for bacteria to develop. Food is constantly getting wedged and trapped. This attracts even more bacteria in certain areas. Only floss can fully clean these areas.


Flossing is just as important as brushing twice daily. To get under the wires, you’ll need a floss threader. This is a necessary dental appliance. It loops your floss through it and then under the wire. You can then floss normally. Make sure to do this for all of your teeth. Debris and bacteria can grow anywhere.


Another option is floss picks. These look like a small two-pronged tool with floss between them. Floss picks are small enough to also move under the wires. Lastly, consider investing in a Waterpik. These spray a steady stream of water at your teeth. The pressure removes all the trapped food. Most even come with special tools for orthodontic cleanings.


Overlooking flossing in your daily dental routine is a critical mistake. Your mouth can’t be completely clean without it. If you have braces and are struggling with dental maintenance, contact us today. Drs. Lelchuk, Ressler, and Hirschl are available by appointment. You can visit our website to learn more. To reach the Intracoastal Mall (North Miami Beach) office, call 305-949-2630. For the Mount Sinai Medical Center (Miami Beach), call 305-532-1444.